Creating books that promote Wholeness and Truth.


Henley & The Book Of Overcomers

Book Three

Can Henley keep going no matter how deep the darkness and no matter how large the obstacle? Discover with him that there is something more powerful than failure.

Join Henley and the entire Banks family on the third part of their journey through the Living Tale, The Book of Overcomers. This will be their greatest challenge yet as they face the betrayal by someone they thought they could trust. Reunite with familiar characters like the Gardener and Toolended, as well as meet some new faces like the stubborn Mrs. Elision, the slimy Leech Sisters, and a time-hopping kangaroo. Discover with Henley that there is always something more powerful than failure. 

Star & The Book Of Treasures

Book Two

Fifteen-year-old Star McKenzie is an orphan who has never been able to find a place to truly call home.

When she accidentally volunteers to spend her Christmas break on an ancient history dig in the desert of modern-day Iraq, Star is far from excited. Then she uncovers one of the most important scrolls in history and hopes fame and fortune will finally end her foster care nightmares… that is, until she meets The Gardener and discovers what true treasure is. Star & the Book of Treasures, the second book in The Living Tale Series, is a fun, fantastical adventure about healing a broken heart. Jump in to the Living Tale and meet a new cast of characters while reuniting with familiar faces from the past, including young Henley Banks, who is searching for his own hero’s heart. Experience along with Star and Henley the joy of restoration!

Henley & The Book Of Heroes

Book One

‘A hero needs a heart so he can do extraordinary things. Remember, Henley, every good story needs a hero…and a hero needs a heart.’

Nine-year-old Henley Banks dreams of being a hero, but it’s not until he receives a mysterious book from his grandpa that his hero’s heart is awakened. As Henley dives—literally—into the Living Tale, he discovers a world beyond anything he ever imagined—full of amazing lands, an unexpected gardener, powerful glones, and an evil that lurks behind Henley’s every step.

Jump into the first book of The Living Tale Series with young Henley Banks in Henley and the Book of Heroes, as an author Jane H. Smith, M.D. leads readers of all ages on a supernatural adventure into a battle for Henley’s heart. In the midst of this battle, Henley’s beloved grandpa is rushed to the hospital, and it seems that only Henley can save him. Not only that, but the Banks family is also struggling to hold together until their father returns from war. There are creatures that seek to overpower the boy before this can happen. How will Henley ignite his hero’s heart in time?”

How to Build A Big, Unbreakable Life, An Invitation to Wholeness

Have you ever felt “stuck” in life, secretly thinking, “I’m not good enough, attractive enough, or smart enough?” Maybe you are carrying old emotional wounds or are sick. Perhaps you lost your passion for life—or never discovered it. If any of this sounds familiar, How to Build a Big, Unbreakable Life: An Invitation to Wholeness and the accompanying workbook are for you.

More than a decade ago a medical crisis left me bedridden. I exhausted my finances looking for remedies and my colleagues gave up on me. I was going to die. It was then that I launched into a powerful journey where I left fractured living and discovered that science and spiritually are intrinsically linked. Everything I had ever been told about who I was changed as I began to unravel the myths and mysteries to some of our most vexing questions.
• Who am I, really?
• What is the true nature of my relationship to God?
• How do I physically heal?
• How do I heal the wounds no one sees?
• Why do I feel trapped in certain relationships?
• Why does my soul feel hungry?
• How can I feel better about myself and the world around me?
Learning the truth was like feasting on a luxurious picnic lunch full of joyous surprises. But the biggest surprise was discovering that each of us is Priceless and Powerful, and God wants us all to live a Big, Unbreakable Life. Inside you’ll discover your own roadmap to Wholeness Living – and the Big, Unbreakable Life you were always meant to have.


This workbook is a companion to How to Build a Big, Unbreakable Life: An Invitation to Wholeness. Following each chapter, the workbook sets out practical exercises which take the reader on a personal journey of discovering who he or she really is in relation to the world. The journey begins by uncovering deeply embedded “blockages” that have obstructed the reader’s ability to take action on their dreams or even to experience joy in daily life. From there, the workbook guides readers through a series of revelations and no-nonsense steps to eradicate obstacles and replace negative beliefs with Truth inspired by Love. These steps will also help you apply the wisdom you learn in the book to everyday life, so you can finally heal inside and out. It is time to leave fractured living for good. Powerful and personal, the journey to Wholeness Living is much like feasting on a luxurious picnic lunch full of joyous surprises. Readers are encouraged to take the time to explore who you think you are as you discover the many facets of who you really are – body, soul and spirit. Your value is Priceless, and you are Powerful. God wants you to live the Big,  Unbreakable Life you were meant to have. Are you ready to begin?

Jane H. Smith, M.D. weaves decades of experience helping hurting families and children into her stories so that her readers experience a fun, hope-filled adventure. Elementary and junior high readers love her stories, as well as families who enjoy sharing her tales with each other. Visit her site to explore and buy her children’s books. Visit to purchase her Wholeness book and read her health blogs.